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Daniela Ryf - Kona

Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 11:12 AM GMT

Race #101                                

Daniela Ryf (SUI)                   Age: 30    

Kona History:

2nd       2014

1st         2015

1st         2016


Is the extra media/sponsor circus during race week a welcome distraction or a hinderance to preparations?

It is part of the race, so you cant avoid it. But you can certainly loose your race before the race by running around too much in the heat. I try to keep it simple and not talk too much before the race and let the race talk for itself. 


Is there anything in particular that you need to go right during race week. Or last workout sessions you swear by? 

No. The work is pretty much done by now. After Chattanooga I had a great 4 weeks of training in Maui and I feel I could improve my form. That’s what I was focused on. From now is just important to not waist energy on getting nervous and keep it simple.  


What do you wish someone would ask you at a Press Conference?

Ha ha. Not sure. I am glad I’m not a journalist, because I think to ask good question’s is much harder than give a solid answer. So I let them do their job and I try to give good answers.


How many devices do you have set to wake you on race morning and what are they?


I use my phone and set a watch. And my friend always has to double check that I am awake, as I really don’t like to miss the start ;) 

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